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Summer reading for teens

No Way Out by Melanie Jackson

Hey there,

Our very first YA mystery title was written by Melanie Jackson, who lives in Vancouver, BC. It is a clever and suspenseful novel written for kids aged 11-15 who may be reluctant readers, and at a lower reading level.

The story centres around Sam Jellicoe, a 15-year-old boy from Vancouver who has to spend the summer in Winnipeg with his mother and her flashy new husband, Alvin. To escape the prairie heat Sam goes to a department store. When the power goes out, chaos ensues. A gunman takes Sam and several other people hostage. Sam must draw on his wits and acting skills, and above all, keep his cool.

NO Way Out is a great story to keep young adults reading when out of school, with its easy vocabulary and short chapters. Just in time for summer break!

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Message for May

Hurricane on Grimm's Island

Don Sawyer’s Hurricane on Grimm’s Island


I hope May is going well for you. Just wanted to let you know about our adult fiction title for reluctant readers, or anyone who is interested in a quick read story to compliment their busy lifestyle.

Don Sawyer’s Hurricane on Grimm’s Island is one of our most popular titles to date. It’s a mystery about Stitch Robinson, a Toronto private investigator on vacation in the Bahamas. After a storm washes up a body on the beach, it’s back to work to find the culprit. Don writes in an easy-to-read format and his stories are current and engaging.

Click here to get the scoop on Hurricane on Grimm’s Island. Feel free to pass it along and also to contact us at Playfort Publishing with any questions or comments.

Have a great day!

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Melanie Jackson explains Raw Deal

Here is our author Melanie Jackson talking about her most recent title with us, Raw Deal, which we just received from the printers last Friday! It really is an awesome mystery for young adults 🙂

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A bit about Melanie

As a mystery writer, I love creating sleights of hand in my plots. I lay out the red herrings and then – wham!, the villain isn’t who you thought it was at all. I credit this love of literary legerdemain to several writers and movie directors I enjoyed while growing up. (Plus, I suspect I have a vicariously criminal personality, but never mind that for now.)

One writer I adored was the inimitable Agatha Christie. My vote for best Agatha is the bone-chilling Sad Cypress. A young woman named Elinor is found guilty of murdering a fluffy blonde and condemned to be hanged. The situation seems so hopeless you really don’t see how diabolical Agatha will save her … I dare you to white-knuckle your way through this one.

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